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Alerting Customers in Times of Disaster

Scenario 1: Riots broke out the night before and you received a call from the police advising your shop has been smashed up. You need to contact your insurer, staff, maybe some customers and potentially any suppliers who may be carrying out deliveries over the coming days/weeks.

Scenario 2: You travelled overseas and were taken ill. It will be 2 weeks before you are able to return. You have some meetings to cancel and would be useful to try and keep things running as best as possible, even if itís someone just answering the phone for you.

For scenario one, using an Emergency Alert service would be useful. This allows you to create contact lists and log into your account from anywhere and any device including laptops, Smartphoones, iPads and Tablets. You can quickly select your staff and send an email advising whatís happened and what they should do/where to go. You can notify suppliers to inform them and also any customers.

Using such an Emergency Alert service helps business continuity as it allows you to remain in touch and prevent those horrible rumours that quickly spread suggesting that your business has closed down. Such rumours have a funny way of gathering much speed and competitors start posting announcements and people talk as gossip spreads quickly.

Using the emergency alert service will ensure free business continuity by advising and alerting whatís happening. Keeping everyone up to date on the latest news and events.

Other free business continuity tools might include phone diversion so calls can continue to be picked up and messages taken.

Keeping lines of communication open both ways is the most useful free business continuity tool available and assures you can remain trading as best as possible in light of most crises.

No one likes to receive bad news, however everyone likes to be kept in touch with and if a customer can leave a message an know they are being listened to or can be notified and advised of alternate times or address of trading this is a very positive way to use a business continuity solution.


'Your service is excellent, and the program is very easy to use'

- D Clemments

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