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Automatic backups
Your backup will run automatically at the time you schedule.
Create multiple backup sets
Makes backing up and restoring your files easier and quicker.
Backup multiple computers
Once you have a Depositit account you can backup all your computers.
Data is stored offsite
Offsite storage allows you to restore your files at any time even if your office is not accessible or your computer is stolen.
Data Encryption
For security all data is encrypted ensuring complete privacy.
Historic versions
Depositit retains back copies of your files, so in an emergency you can restore from an earlier date. You can adjust the storage period upto 10 years allowing companies to meet regulatory guidelines for retention of records.
Unlimited storage
Depositit is fully scalable and will automatically provide you with additional storage as required.
Data compression
Depositit compresses your data which helps to speed up the backups and also allows you to store more files for less money.
Incremental backups
Your daily backups will run quickly as only new files will be uploaded.
Delta blocking on all files and databases
Your daily backups will run quickly as only changes to existing files will be uploaded.
Open file manager
Allows you to backup programs like Outlook, SQL, Access and other database files whilst in use.
Backup over a network
Depositit allows you to backup your data over your network via any workstation that is connected to the network.
File filtering
Depositit allows you to add/remove specific file extensions within a backup set. For example, if you have selected to backup your entire 'Documents' folder but do not wish to save photos, this option will automatically filter out those files.
Logs and email reporting
You will receive a confirmation email after every backup. The software also contains a full Log that can be viewed at any time.
Restore data 24/7
You can restore any of your files at any time to any computer.

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What a great product, it was a breeze to set up and now runs smoothly in the back ground

- WB Retailing

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