Automated Data Backup

Benefits of Automatic Data Backup Software

How is automatic data backup software different to manual backups?

1. Manual Backup - you must first identify how much data you need to save and which device will be best for your requirements and then purchase the hardware, set this up and continue to buy Media if required (tapes/disks/external drives). You need to bear in mind the size of the media you are using and how much it can store.

With Automatic data backup software you just sign up online for an account and download the automatic data backup software onto your machines and unlimited storage will be available.

2. Manual Backup - once set up YOU MUST CARRY OUT THE BACKUPS. Most companies invest a lot of money into expensive backup devices and then do not do any backups because they forget, are too busy, the person responsible goes on holiday or may be off sick.

Automatic data backup software carries out your backups automatically for you. Once you have selected what data you wish to have backed up thereís nothing further to remember or do, leaving you free to get on with your work.

3. Manual Backup - you MUST CHECK THAT IT HAS BACKED UP CORRECTLY. Very few people do this. Most people do a backup and 'believe' that it's worked and only find out that it hasn't backed up in their hour of crisis when they go to restore and then it's too late!

Automatic data backup software will normally send a confirmation to the user after each backup to let you know that's it's been done and furthermore also lets you also know if it's not been successful for any reason.

4. Manual Backup - requires that you encrypt the files and once completed you now need to remove the media from site and store it somewhere safe. If you are travelling from an office there is a risk of damaging, losing or being robbed and if you work from home, you will need to go out each day to drop off the media somewhere safe (many people leave the backup media in a draw or on top of the computer itself)?

Automatic data backup software services automatically encrypt your files so nobody can ever see your data and then automatically stores copies safely offsite in secure data centres away from harm.

5. Manual Backup - requires that when you need to restore files you MUST have the tape or disk to hand. If it stored somewhere off-site and safe you might n ot be able to access it.

Automatic data backup software can quickly restore your files to any machine from where ever you are. So if you cannot get in to the office for any reason, just install the backup software on to your home machine or laptop go into the restore area and pull down any files you need. Itís virtually instant and always available.

Automatic Online backups will save you time, effort and money and it is very easy to set up, furthermore when using remote data backup services in the UK you will often meet your compliance guidelines for your regulator.


'Your service is excellent, and the program is very easy to use'

- D Clemments

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