Compliance and Continuity

Compliance and Business Continuity

Many sectors are regulated and need to pass and meet specific criteria in order to trade with the approval of their governing body. Such visits are always a bit nerve wrecking and often there is a lot of scrabbling around the day before in an attempt to put in place or ensure what is in place is correct.

Professions such as legal, medical, dentistry, ophthalmology, Accounting, Financial Advice all tend to be regulated with regular assessment and compliance visits.

Part of the compliance requirement for many professions sits alongside good business practice with ensuring computer data is securely backed up, encrypted and stored safely off-site.

To do this automatic data backup software will often be recommended, as running automatic online backups ensure computer files are automatically encrypted and stored safely offsite. This meets compliance approval and especially in the UK if the data remains within the UK shores as this further complies with data protection regulations.

Having a strong remote online data backup system in place also ensures great business continuity as when that emergency hits, such as a fire, flood, theft or hard drive crash - getting files back quickly and safely can be the difference between staying in business or closing down.

There are many free business continuity tools and free planning kits can be obtained from your bank or insurance company. Emergency alert services and virtual business safes can be found from the best online backup company UK firms.

So the answer is to be prepared and put in place business continuity solutions, many of which are free and this will certainly help in many cases when the compliance officer visits and asks to see what disaster recovery processes are in place.

The key is to put these solutions and tools in place today and therefore know that your business is safe when the worst happens and as an extra benefit you’ll also meet compliance requirements as well. There is no need to experience extra stress when free business continuity is available to you and is so quick and simple to put set up and put in place.


'Your service is excellent, and the program is very easy to use'

- D Clemments

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