Hosted Exchange Server

Hosted Exchange or Microsoft Exchange Server

Many companies are moving over to using Cloud Exchange solutions as they feel it might be cheaper, offer flexibility and be easier to manage and look after.

There are benefits to using a hosted exchange solution especially if you are part of a team that all work from multiple locations.

It seems that storage quantities are not very high with these services. The headline price hooks you in and then quickly it's seen to be a per user price with very low capacity and large fees for a sensible amount of storage.

Other concerns to pay attention to include:

Security - where is the data stored, who has access to it and how is it backed up (if at all)?

Competition – there are so many companies competing with this type of service that consolidation and companies going bust will occur. How safe is the company you’re with and what happens if they go bust. You may not be able to access your emails, which could potentially have very serious consequences on your business.

Putting in place your own Exchange server used to be a lot of work and expensive but this is no longer the case. Most IT Support companies can have this set up within a few days and critically this provides a company with full control over its data and with no storage limitations.

Microsoft Exchange Backup Software can be put in place at the same time and this will automatically backup data off-site to ensure a business is fully protected.

The automatic data backup software automatically saves the mailboxes and single components (ie Contacts, Sent Items, Inbox etc) to secure off-site servers and can restore them at any time to any computer in the convenient PST format.

Putting in place your own Exchange server along with Microsoft Exchange Backup Software will form a major part of business continuity for companies.

This exchange backup software can be used directly by companies with Exchange servers and can be quickly set up by the in house IT department. Or if an out sourced IT support company wants to provide it or set it up or start online backup business they can take the service for their customers and can even white label the exchange backup software or the entire automatic data backup software and have a new revenue stream and service to offer customers.

Using automatic data backup software is the easiest way to keep computer files safe and meet UK compliance requirements and ensure business continuity in the UK. Every company should try it out and resellers should set it up Exchange Server Backup UK for all their customers.


'Your service is excellent, and the program is very easy to use'

- D Clemments

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