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Ipad Business Continuity App

So many businessmen and women are using iPads and iPhones for work now. These are useful tools which combine cutting edge technology with fun and recreation.

It's long been questioned how much they truly contribute to businesses and what business continuity apps might be available and if at all, any free business continuity applications?

There are a number if one looks hard enough.

The first is a business continuity plan. Banks, Insurers and local councils can all provide these free of charge and once completed, the saved document could be stored on the iPad or iPhone and hey presto you have your first free business continuity tool available.

An online business safe could be useful to save day to day information you need for running your company. Such applications can be logged into from your device and the data accessed.

In addition an Emergency Alert service might be another free business continuity tool that could be accessed directly via an iPad or iPhone and when a disaster or crisis occurred, all customers, staff and suppliers could be contacted.

So various free business continuity apps and tools are available to be used and enjoyed and also to save a business time, effort, money, stress and anxiety in the face of a disaster.

The app store might not show or reveal business continuity apps as these are probably quite specialist so best to go to a business continuity website, company or search for free business continuity tools and some should appear.

The final thing anyone with any device should always do is to ensure they backup their laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet. The last thing you want is the device to be stolen, break or just fail to work for any reason and it takes all your data with it. The stress when this occurs is awful and a good backup regime is so simple to implement using online backup software and business continuity tools.

So as long as you can restore your data quickly, keep in touch with customers through any event and access your day to day company information conveniently all should be ok.


'Your service is excellent, and the program is very easy to use'

- D Clemments

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