Lost Password

Stumped by a lost password

How many times have you come over completely blank trying to remember that password! It's normally the one that you use every day and right now you desperately need to access your computer, a document or a website to get hold of some information or update something but the login details fully evade you!

Everything shuts down and grinds to halt when you can't remember a short random code which you constantly use but have for whatever reason now forgotten.

On occasion your business continuity might depend on this string of numbers. Asked for an access code or to log in securely but when unable to do so the service becomes unavailable.

To ensure all login details, usernames and passwords, of which there are so many we require nowadays (no wonder we forget them) - why not use a Depositit business safe. This free business continuity tool provides a safe online area in it's online filing cabinet where you can store all your details and access them globally from any device.

Wherever you are just log into your account from your computer, tablet, ipad or smartphone and locate whatever login details you need. It's an amazing feeling to have everything available in an instant.

Of course you do need to remember the login details you use for the Depositit business safe but that's all you need to remember as everything else will be saved and available in there.

No more rummaging through scraps of paper, old notebooks, the backs of drawers or desperately trying to remember codes that evade you. A quick log and they will all be present and accounted for and in front of you ready for use and to save the day.

Every week we tend to sign up to a new service that gives us new login details, so where better than the free business continuity tool to save it.

Alongside automatic data backup software using emergency alert service and business safe as free business continuity tools should be a top priority to put in place over a weekend to ensure your business continues running when any crises hits.


'Your service is excellent, and the program is very easy to use'

- D Clemments

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