Rembember to Backup

How best to remember to back up your computer and phone

Every day you and your teams create and amend files on your computer systems. These will be Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, scanned documents, databases, emails and the list goes on. For many, this data becomes the company's most valuable asset and requires protecting as such.

Likewise most of us are now using Smartphones with hundreds of contacts (new ones being added daily/weekly) and the ability to take photographs and store a variety of files. It makes sense to keep the information safe as sadly these phones frequently go missing, get stolen or break and once again the data held on them, though possibly not as critical as on a computer is useful to keep safe and get back after a crisis.

When was the last time you plugged your Smartphone into your computer to save a full and current updated version of the information on your phone? Was it yesterday, a week, a month or more?

If you lost your phone tomorrow what would you like to get back and what information would you be really upset about that was lost forever?

When 'Backup' is a manual process it becomes a chore and like many chores it then has a tendency to be neglected, put off and potentially forgotten about often until it's too late.

The simplest and most effective way to ensure business data is backed up including important files from Smartphones is to put in place an Automated Online Backup System such as Depositit. Files are automatically saved every day with no need to remember to have to do it. The data is stored securely offsite, away from harm and everything is encrypted for privacy.

Many call the online backup service 'a lifesaver' and with good reason. All cheques and money coming into the business gets stored in a bank for safekeeping and likewise your data needs to be kept securely in a data bank, and this is available via Depositit.

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