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What is the best way to access and safeguard your passwords?

Computers & technology simplify our lives in so many ways, however the programs, apps and gadgets we all use, ask for usernames, passwords, login keys, codes and other safety PINs for security.

Online banking, social networking, internet shopping, email accounts and many other every day systems all force us to generate and remember yet even more information in our lives and sometimes we forget or simply cannot remember this information.

On top of that, we are advised to regularly update and change our login details and so begins the cycle all over again especially since many systems we use ask for different length security codes so we cannot use a single password for everything (which would be unsafe anyway).

How to remember our multitude of login details and where to store them?

Many people store details in a note book. Not the most secure method but it can be convenient. Clearly there is a massive risk if the book is stolen or lost and of course if the book is in one location whilst you are in another it can cause problems.

Smartphones are occasionally used, though once again Smartphones run out of battery, break, are lost and many are stolen so once again there is vulnerability and risk associated with this mode of storage.

In a world where information is required NOW and needs to be accessed immediately, from wherever you are and at any time, whilst preserving privacy and security, 'Depositit CLOUD Business SAFE' offers exactly this. A solution that:
1. Safeguards your usernames, passwords and other critical information
2. Ensures privacy across all data with high level encryption
3. Allows secure access to your usernames and passwords globally 24/7

Be it a single password, 100ís of business admin details or critical login PINs and codes the solution can be found at

For a free trial of this system go to


'Your service is excellent, and the program is very easy to use'

- D Clemments

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