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Remote Online Data Backup the easy way for businesses to backup computers

Imagine sitting in front of your pc and suddenly the screen goes blank. The hard drive has crashed, will not re-boot and all your critical business information is gone, emails, invoices, databases, presentations, accounts, digital images all lost forever!

Or you arrive at the office to find that terrible floods have burst through and destroyed everything, including all computer equipment, frazzling hard drives and destroying all the data that was being stored on the machines.

Unless you have a current back up copy available and that was stored outside of the office, it is quite likely that your business will cease to operate for some time, if not indefinitely. Plus of course you have the gut wrenching experience of losing any personal information stored!

With so many threats to your data from viruses, user error, power failures, flooding, fire and theft, backing up your critical business files is now not an option it is a necessity! Even more so depending what industry you operate in and which regulatory body is governing over you, as many demand that you now have a Business Continuity solution in place or ensure correct store of electronic data for a set period of time.

You can use a manual device such as a, USB stick, External hard drive, Media disk or DVD however these are all manual systems that require you to remember and store the media someplace safe. Quite often it gets forgotten or if done might be stored in the draw next to the machine itself.

Remote online data backup is much easier to use and will backup your computer files automatically, every single day over a secure Internet connection. Files are stored securely off-site in top level data centres and fully encrypted to assure privacy. You can also keep back copies or historic versions allowing you to go back in time and restore files that might have been deleted in error.

The remote online data backup services are compliant, quick to set up and much safer than trying to remember to manually backup.

Restoring is just as easy, with just a few clicks of your mouse you can get back any lost files and continue working again almost instantly.

If you are after 100% peace of mind, look no further than remote online data backup and companies in the UK will often offer complaint backup for legal and financial sectors who have to comply with governing legislation.


'Your service is excellent, and the program is very easy to use'

- D Clemments

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