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Updating Your PC or Laptop!?

Updating our PC's or laptops is sometimes planned, though quite often it really isn’t and comes about after the current machine starts acting up, behaving strangely or worst case scenario completely dies on us (or is stolen).

If you think back to the last time you changed your PC or laptop, did you remember to install all the programs you used on the previous machine? You probably installed an email program and a word processor but did you remember you had data backup software and other programs that worked automatically for you in the background? Are you certain you installed these?

Sometimes we set up some programs first to enable us to get up and running and then forget to install the others. Other times we might actually think they are somehow automatically re setup themselves onto any new machine, without us needing to do anything.

3 Useful tips before moving onto a new machine:

1. Make sure you are regularly backing up the critical files on your computer and have an up to date copy at all times. Best way to ensure this is done is via an Automatic online backup service such as Depositit

2. List all the programs and where useful any codes, usernames, passwords and activation /set up information for the software you have installed on your PC or laptop so when you get a new machine, you will be able to quickly set up all the programs you require again. A great place to store this is in the Depositit Business SAFE

3. Have in place a process list to work through and tick off as the new machine gets set up, for example start with installing your office program, then your backup, firewall and antivirus software, then your printer, scanner and other hardware, then your email program and then restore your data etc.

We will always be updating, upgrading and replacing machines and having a list of our programs, a backup of our files and a process in place should make it much quicker and easier to carry out each time – especially in times of emergency. Be prepared by spending 20 minutes now putting the tips above in place rather than wasting hours at a later date when you will surely have better things to do with your time.

This article is provided courtesy of Depositit – Providers of Compliant Business Continuity and Data Protection Systems since 1999.


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