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The Easy way to Remember & Protect Your Personal Data

How many PIN, codes, passwords and usernames do you now have and how many can you remember without having to look up? Do you know which email addresses you have associated with the various web services you are subscribed to or internet shops, online memberships, credit cards and also offline and online banking, health and travel sites?

Where are you saving all of these details and how safe are they when stored in a notebook or in the notes application of your Smartphone and other mobile or desktop devices?

Q1: If you are not able to remember them all by heart and do not jot them down, how are you going to retrieve the details you need?

Q2: If you do note them down, how are you protecting these details from prying eyes and from loss or theft of your device?

One idea is to keep a second copy of your data as a backup however, if this is just another notebook or another device then you are increasing the risk of your data being seen or stolen or falling into the wrong hands.

Daniel Ryb, from Data Protection Specialists Depositit has assisted in developing a digital solution that allows you to safely store all your information in a secure cloud and rapidly get hold of them them whenever you need. The solution is very simple and easy to use.

Since its launch in 2015, the Depositit 'ORGANISER' service has been provided free of charge allowing all users to store and safeguard as much information as they wish with complete peace of mind knowing that only they can access their data and it is 100% private as the details saved are never stored on any of their devices.

You too can create your private digital legacy and safely protect your data so it is always remembered for you.

Courtesy of Depositit

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'Your service is excellent, and the program is very easy to use'

- D Clemments

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