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Nowadays it's common that whatever technology we purchase or use will very quickly become out dated. That state of the art computer suddenly appears with a faster processor, that incredible mobile phone is re-released with a sharper camera and the flat screen TV now has a curve to it and hooks into your Wi-Fi.

In spite of ever quickening advancements rendering our existing technology quickly obsolete, we continue to upgrade and invest in it. HOWEVER whilst the above is true for the most part, when it comes to protecting against cyber crime, everything we do today can be very relevant tomorrow.

In this article (the last in our 3 part series on protection against cyber crime), we look at the importance of backing up data as this is the MOST CRUCIAL part of any cyber protection system and how historic backup retention can make or break your business.

There are many methods available to backup data and you should consult with a Cyber Protection specialist to find out which best suits your business and the way you work. The most common method is to make a copy of newly created data files and save them onto an external device (normally a USB hard drive). This is cheap and simple to do BUT the largest risk in backing up this way is that when you work on an existing file (a spreadsheet or project etc) and backup the new version, it OVERWRITES the previous version.

Having just one backup copy and overwriting the previous one each day is especially risky because when your computer gets a virus or attacked by malware (i.e. Crypto Locker), the Backup system that is supposed to protect your data for you will replace the clean copy of your files on your external drive with the infected copies.

Whether it happens manually or automatically, it is the act of Overwriting data that is the 'weakness' which the majority of businesses fall prey to.

Whatever method you choose to backup your data ALWAYS ENSURE you have HISTORY available to restore from, thus protecting your digital future.

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